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SMS your friends

SMS is one of the eaists and the fastest way to send your message to your friend. A cute sms can really make your friends happy and they feel special because they know how much you care for them. Here are some of the SMS that you can send your near and dear friends!

Treat life as sea,
your heart as sea-shore,
And friend as waves.
It never matters how many waves are there,
What matter is which one touches the shore.

Don’t love a friend like a flower,
Because a flower dies in season.
Love them like a river,
Because a river flows forever.

Wonderful people are carefully created by god,
Wonderful moments are carefully planned by god,
Wonderful friends like u are carefully gifted by god.

Star are seen together,
Yet they are so far apart,
True friends may not speak everyday but
Remember they are always linked heart 2 heart.

Good friends care for each other.
Close friends understand each Other.
And true friends stays forever beyond words, beyond time.

Friends are like shoes,
Some loose some tight,
Some fit just right,
And they help us as we walk through life.
Thanks for being just right for me!

The one who holds your hand every time surely a good friend,
But a best friend is the one who holds your hand more tightly,
When you say leave me alone!!

A special friend is rare indeed,
It beems to be special breed,
Yes, perfect friends are every few,
So lucky I’m for having you.

I say and you listen,
Its a good friendship.

You say and I listen,
Is a better friendship.

But I don’t say and you understand,
Is best friendship.

There is a miracle called friendship,
That dwells within the heart,
And you don’t know how it happens,
Or when it even starts.

You’re a true friend,
That I want you to know,
Our love for each other
Has helped us to grow.
We’ve been through some tough times,
But we’ve made it through,
The only one I ever trusted was you.


Friends forever

The word friends itself brings so many memories to your mind – sharing jeans and T-shirts, doing homework for each other, exchanging video games, giving coins to each other for eating in the canteen, holding hands when crossing the road, wiping tears when teacher has scolded you, telling lies, eating chocolates, confiding in your friend to tell him/her your latest crush, talking about your fears, swimming together and feeling possessive about him/her, going for movies – A friend just means the entire world to you! Without friends, life is just so pointless! This is one of the best relationships a man or a woman can ever have!


Friendship is a promise in the heart

Silent and unwritten

Unbreakable by distance

Unchangeable by time

It is just lovely to have one as you!


Friendship is like a HABIT,

If you take out the H, a bit still remains

If you take out the A, bit still remains

And if you take out the B, it still remains!


Friends are of two types:

One says: If you ever need anything I’ll be there

Other says: You will never need anything as long as I am there!


Life is not about finding the right person,

It is about building the right friendship,

It is not how much we care in the beginning,

It is how much we care in the end!


Life is full of roads we travel on

Some we try to forget

Some we wish we never passed

But there is one road I loves passing

And that is where we became friends



True Friendship Day Sms – Friendship Day Text Sms

God saw you hungry, he created McDonald

God saw you hungry, he created McDonald
He saw you thirsty, he created coke
He saw you in dark, he created Light
He saw you without a cute friend, he created ME!

Friendship is a little more trust,

Friendship is a little more trust,
A little less try,
A little more laugh,
And a little less cry,
A little more WE and a little less I.
Happy Friendship Day!!!

As long as we have memories,

As long as we have memories, yesterday remains; as long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits. As long as we have Friendship, each day is never a waste. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!

Mushkilo se ghabra ke ab jina nahi chahte,

Mushkilo se ghabra ke ab jina nahi chahte,

Dur tum se hoke ab rehna nahi chahte,

Yun to dost bahut bane iss zindagi me,

Par aap jaise dost ko khona nahi chahte.

Tum banke dost aise aye zindagi me,

Tum banke dost aise aye zindagi me, ke hum ye zamana hi bhool gaye, tumhe yaad aye na aye hamari kabhi, par hum to tumhe bhulana hi bhool gaye.

Shaam ki tanhai mein kho na jana,

Shaam ki tanhai mein kho na jana,

Kisi ki masti mein doob na jana,

Milegi zarur kal manzil tumhe,

Apni maanzil ko paakar is dost ko bhul na jana…..

Andhere me rasta banana mushkil hota hai.

Andhere me rasta banana mushkil hota hai. Tufan mein deepak jalana mushkil hota hai. DOSTI kisi se bhi kar lena mushkil nahi, Ise bas nibhana mushkil hota hai..

If I could pull down the rainbow

If I could pull down the rainbow I would write ur name with it & put it back in the sky to let everybody know how colorful my life is with a friend like u!!

When god open the windows of heaven,

When god open the windows of heaven,
He saw me & asked what is ur wish today?
I said god take care of the dear one,
Who is reading this “SMS”.
“Happy Friendship Day”

When i'm walking in front of u,

When i'm walking in front of u,I'm protecting u. When i'm beside u i'm there for u, when i'm behind u, I'm watching over u. When i'm alone,I'm thinking of u. Happy Friendship Day !!!!!!!!


Love In The Friendship

Love is like a chewing gum,

It tastes only in the beginning!

But friendship is like chocolate,

It tastes till it ends!


Hearts could only love for a while,

Feet could only walk for some miles,

Clothes won't forever be in style,

But having You as my Friend is forever worthwhile.


Friendship is not a game to play, it is not a word to say, it doesn't start on March and ends on May, It is tomorrow, yesterday, today and every day.


Best friends are like pairs of scissors…

When together they often go in different directions

But they give punishment to those

Who dare to come between them!


Friends are gifts wrapped in ribbons of thoughtfulness and trimmed with kisses and smiles, given by God to stay not just for a day, but for life.


It is said that one can never measure his wealth by money but by his friends. I am sure people would be glad to meet you and know how rich I turned out to be!


A Friend Is Someone

Who Knows the Song In Ur Heart

And Can Sing It Back To You,

When U Have Forgotten The Words..!!


Don't love the love unless the love loves you and if the love loves you, love the love in such a way that it doesn't love anybody else!


When a person can find sorrow behind your smile,

Words behind your silence,

Love behind your anger;

You can believe that person is your true friend.


Friendship is not how long we have been together not how much you have given or received. Not how many times we have helped each other. It's only how we value one another.


Good Friends are like software.

They enter your life;

Scan your problems;

Edit your tensions;

Download your solutions;

Delete your worries

And save u in their heart!


True Friendship SMS

A friend is someone who we turn to when our spirits need a lift. A friend is someone we treasure because our friendship is a gift. A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy and grace. And makes the whole world we live in a better and a happier place.


Alone when I open my palms and look at the criss cross lines I always think which one of these lines made me lucky that I have a friend like you!


A friend is never a coincidence in your life they are meant to enter your life to bring joy and happiness.


I don’t need words to express

I don’t need tears to shed

I don’t need to ask for a smile

Or a hand to hold me

All I need is to be your friend forever!


If friends are a treasure, then I am surely the richest person in the world,

With you by my side


In my life, I learned.

How to love, to smile

To be happy, to be strong

To work hard, to be honest

To be faithful, to forgive

But I couldn’t learn how to

Stop remembering you, Miss you friend!


 We met by chance

And turned into friends

And now our destiny

keeps us close to each other

making our friendship

grow more with passing time

kudos to our friendship!


Friendship is a chain of gold

Shaped in God’s perfect mold

Each link a smile, a laugh, a tear

A grip of the hand, a word of cheer

As steadfast as the ages roll,

Binding chosen soul to soul

No matter how far or heavy the load,

Sweet is the journey

on our friendship road

Funny Friendship SMS


Keep in touch with your friends

In today’s fast paced busy lives, it is important that we keep in touch with all our friends and one of the ways to do this is to send cute friendship smses to your friends. You may not have time to call all your friends but sending messages always ensures that your friends are being remembered by you. Here are some of the cute friendship smses that you can send them:


Friendship is sweet when it’s new, Sweeter when its true, but sweetest when its u. When God gave friends he tried 2 b fair! When I got u, I got more than my share!


True friends are like mornings, you can't have them the whole day but you can be sure they will be there when you wakeup tomorrow, next year and forever.


Friends are ones that smile when you scold them, they hug when you are upset, they pretend to be angry on you but cant, they are ones you feel you can pour your heart to. Am glad I have a friend like you


Meeting an old friend is like walking back in time and remembering all the good old days together brings tears to my eyes and smile to my face. You are deeply remembered and cared for!


Knowing a friend like you has made me happy in a million ways and if ever I have to let you go I would find a million reasons to make you stay.


Golden rules to feel happy: meet a friend, call a friend, talk to your friend, hug a friend, and love a friend.


Of all the perishable things in life, including human, our friendship is something that will never die and will be carried on for lives to come!


It takes half our life to find true friends and half of it keeping them. I am lucky to have spent less than half my life finding you and wish to spend the rest keeping you.


Friendship Day

Friendship Day is celebrated on the on the first Sunday of August every year. The story behind celebrating friendship day is as follows: The tradition of dedicating a day in honor of friends began in US in 1935 when a man got killed on Saturday and next day his best friend committed suicide in his memory. Hence the US govt. decided to declare first Sunday of August as friendship day.


Gradually the festival gained popularity all across the world and today Friendship Day is celebrated in large number of countries including India. On this day people go out and meet their friends and express love and affection for them. People exchange gifts, flowers, waist bands on this occasion and write special messages for their friend.


Some of the special friendship day messages that you can send your friends are:


Friends walk lightly into our life and slowly into our mind and first we never care who they are and later without them we don’t know who we are!


Special relations are hard to find, they are rare and one of a kind, I do not care if I have a few, I have the best and that includes you! Happy friendship day!


A friend is the one who walks in when others walk out, happy friendships day!


Friendship needs no promises, no demands, no expectations it just requires two people- one cool like me and one fool like you! Happy Friendship Day!


Time withers away moments once lives, but the fragrance of your friendships will linger on forever…happy friendship day!



Life without friends!

Imagine a life without friends! Just beyond imagination right? In all our busy lives we may not realize the importance of friends in our life, but in reality they are the ones that actually light up our day, their smile makes our mood and they are the one that stick with us through the thick and the thin! Also, it is really not important how many friends you have, what is actually important is what type of friends you have! You have a few but if they are the ones that are always with you, you are one of the richest people on the planet! Here are a few messages that you can send your friends and make them feel special:


When time is fast

When moments are hard

When everyone is busy

When seconds are few

This message says that one of your friend

Still remembers you!


Some friends forget

Some move on

Some keep silent

Some just change

But I am not one of them

I am here for two moments

Now and forever


What makes friends special,

Is the way each one remembers the other

When they are apart

They miss the talks

The laughs and times they are together

Life changes but memories never!


Closeness resides in the heart

So no matter how busy we are

Or how far we are

You are always remembered

And cared for!


Friends are like crayons

They colour our lives

I may not be your favorite colour

But I hope you will need me somewhere

To complete your picture!


Magic of Friends


We all thrive on our friends. They are the support group and our confidante. We share our secrets our friends. We expect them to understand us, our feelings and our needs. With friends, you don’t need to be vocal. A good friend will understand you even with your silence. They say, sometimes silence is the best form of communication. And no one communicated better in the language of silence than a dear friend. Our friends make us feel privileged and lucky.



Stars has 5 ends

Square has 4 ends

Trinagle has 3 ends

Line has 2 ends

but Circle of our friendship has no end...



A daily thought...

A silent tear...

A Constant wish that u r near...

Words are few but thoughts r deep...

Memories of our frenship i'll always keep!!



Being a friend is not just sharing a joke, a conversation, a cup of coffee or a funny story. It means sharing an honest and true part of yourself.


When I was born, GOD said, "Oh No! Another idiot". When you were born, God said, "Oh No! Competition". Who knew, one day these two will become Friends FOREVER!


Sometimes in life we think we don't need anyone. But sometime we don't have anyone when we need... So don't let your best buddies go ever...


We met it was Luck! We talked it was chance! We became friends it was destiny! We are still friends it is faith! We will always be friends its a promise!


When does a friend become a best friend?

When his dialogue, "I care for you" converts into "I will kill you if you don't care for me"



Gud Friends…

1 Advice- Don’t change,

1 request- take care,

1 wish- Don't forget me,

1 Lie- I hate U,

1 truth- I Miss U,

1 hope- We'll always be Gud Friends.