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The Emotion of Friendship

It’s not an achievement to make 1000's friends in a year, but an achievement is when you make a friend for 1000's years.


True friends are like mornings,

You can’t have them the whole day,

But you can be sure,

they will be there when you wake up tomorrow, next year and forever.


True friends are those..

Who care without hesitation,

Remember without limitation

Forgive without any explanation &

Love even with little communication!


6 rules to be happy:-

Free your heart from hatred;

Free your mind from worries;

Live simply;

Expect less;

Give more &

Always have me as your friend


A true friend understands when you say, "I forgot..." waits forever when you say, "1 minute..." stays when you say, "leave me alone..." and opens the door, 'even before you knock...'


F: Field of love

R: Root of joy

I: Island of God

E: End of sorrow

N: Name of hope

D: Door of understanding!

And that’s You my Friend..


As long as we have memories, yesterday remains; as long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits. As long as we have Friendship, each day is never a waste.

I will always value u deep within my heart!


What you see as truth what you see as lies remember that true friendship never dies although we may change & drift apart, I will always value you deep within my heart!


Affection is sign of love, laughing is sign of happiness, praying is sign of good faith and choosing me as a friend is your first act of smartness.


I can't afford a precious Friend like you!! Why?

God is so wise that he never created Friends with price tags, because..... If He did, I can't afford a precious Friend like You!!