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True Friend

A bond of love,

A medal of trust.

A shoulder in sadness,

A hand in darkness.

A special relation to hold,

An ear where secrets can be told.

An appreciator for encouragement,

Something that doesn’t cost.

A jewel never to be lost.

Is the magic called



The ball can escape from bat,

The rat can escape from cat,

But you cannot escape from

“My Heart you are always my good friend”


Our friendship will never end.


In life..

Some know you..

Some remember you..

Some like you..

Some understand you..

Some care for you..


A True friend does all above &

Always hopes the best for you..



Friend in different lanaguages...

Iranian - DOST

German - FREUND

Hebrew - CHAVER

French - AMi

Pinoy - KAiBiGAN

Dutch - VREND

Mexican - AMiGO


Friends are like sketch pens -

They color your lives.

I may be not your favorite color

But you will need me some day

To complete your picture..!!



To live a life I need heartbeat,

To have heartbeat I need a heart,

To have heart I need happiness,

To have happiness I need a friend,

And for a friend I need you…Always



Friendship opens many doors, each with a different view.

But none could be more beautiful, than the one that leads to you..!!


The rain may be falling hard outside,

But your smile makes it all alright.

I’m so glad that you’re my friend.

I know our friendship will never end.