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You surely do not need a day like friendship day to tell your friends how much you care for them. Sending a SMS can make them feel special and you can make your friend’s day! Here are some of the SMS that you can send your dear friends!


There is a gift that gold cannot buy,
A blessing that’s rare true,
That’s the gift of a wonderful friend,
Like the friend that I have in u!


What u see as truth what u see as lies,
Remember that true friendship never dies,
Although we may change drift apart,
Will always value u deep within my heart!


Friends are amazing when they are new,
They are wonderful when they are true,
But do you know they are a blessing
When they r like u.


It is one of the severest tests of friendship to tell your friend his faults.
So to love a man that you cannot bear to see a stain upon him,
And to speak painful truth through loving words, that is friendship.


A friend is always welcome
Early in the morning or late at night.
Time is of no importance
When it concerns real friendship!


No gold or precious stones
Give us happiness and peace,
Friendship and its warmth
Will bring it to us.


I may not be a clock that may text you 24hrs a day.
But my heart will be like a clock that will not stop caring
Saying u r always remembered. Take care.


I must have been born under a lucky star,
To find a friend as nice as you are.
I will follow the rainbow to the end,
If you promise to remain my friend!


We’ve known each other by chance, became friends by choice, still friends by decision. And when we say friend forever, that’s definitely a lifetime promise!

Every nice friend is a glimpse of god,
As he is one of his blessings &
Is a priceless gift that can never be bought,
sold or forgotten, just like you.

You can buy gifts but not love.
You can pretend smile but not happiness.
You can lie to others but not to yourself.
You can have another friend but not as cute as I am!

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