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Life without friends!

Imagine a life without friends! Just beyond imagination right? In all our busy lives we may not realize the importance of friends in our life, but in reality they are the ones that actually light up our day, their smile makes our mood and they are the one that stick with us through the thick and the thin! Also, it is really not important how many friends you have, what is actually important is what type of friends you have! You have a few but if they are the ones that are always with you, you are one of the richest people on the planet! Here are a few messages that you can send your friends and make them feel special:


When time is fast

When moments are hard

When everyone is busy

When seconds are few

This message says that one of your friend

Still remembers you!


Some friends forget

Some move on

Some keep silent

Some just change

But I am not one of them

I am here for two moments

Now and forever


What makes friends special,

Is the way each one remembers the other

When they are apart

They miss the talks

The laughs and times they are together

Life changes but memories never!


Closeness resides in the heart

So no matter how busy we are

Or how far we are

You are always remembered

And cared for!


Friends are like crayons

They colour our lives

I may not be your favorite colour

But I hope you will need me somewhere

To complete your picture!

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