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Friendship SMS

A single candle can light up an entire room but a true friend lights up an entire lifetime. Thanks for the bright lights of your friendship.


A friend is sweet when it is new. And it is sweeter when it is true. But you know what? It is sweetest when it is you.


Friendship is not about whom you have known the longest it is always about who came and never left!


Friends meet by coincidence and spend sweet times together then God separates them not to end the story but to see how much they care for each other!


If you open my heart, guess what you are going to see? It's you. True friends are hard to find so I kept you.


What is a friend? She looks out for u, inspires u, laughs with you, cries with you, understands you, guides you and walks with you. That's what a friend is... you.


If one day you feel like crying, call me. I can't promise to make you laugh, but I'm willing to cry with you.


Butterflies do not know the color of their wings but human eye knows how nice it is, like you do now know how good you are but I know how special you are!


How long shall we be friends? Do you want a clue? As long as stars twinkle in the sky, till the water runs dry & till the day I die. We will be friends.


A friend is a push when you have stopped, a chat when you are lonely, a guide when you are searching, a smile when you are sad, a song when you are glad.



True Friend

A bond of love,

A medal of trust.

A shoulder in sadness,

A hand in darkness.

A special relation to hold,

An ear where secrets can be told.

An appreciator for encouragement,

Something that doesn’t cost.

A jewel never to be lost.

Is the magic called



The ball can escape from bat,

The rat can escape from cat,

But you cannot escape from

“My Heart you are always my good friend”


Our friendship will never end.


In life..

Some know you..

Some remember you..

Some like you..

Some understand you..

Some care for you..


A True friend does all above &

Always hopes the best for you..



Friend in different lanaguages...

Iranian - DOST

German - FREUND

Hebrew - CHAVER

French - AMi

Pinoy - KAiBiGAN

Dutch - VREND

Mexican - AMiGO


Friends are like sketch pens -

They color your lives.

I may be not your favorite color

But you will need me some day

To complete your picture..!!



To live a life I need heartbeat,

To have heartbeat I need a heart,

To have heart I need happiness,

To have happiness I need a friend,

And for a friend I need you…Always



Friendship opens many doors, each with a different view.

But none could be more beautiful, than the one that leads to you..!!


The rain may be falling hard outside,

But your smile makes it all alright.

I’m so glad that you’re my friend.

I know our friendship will never end.


Beauty of Hindi SMS

Hindi sms has its own beauty. The depth and feelings can be so wonderfully expressed through Hindi language. This article will share some of the most beautiful Hindi Sms.



Kinaro pe sagar ke khazane nahi aate,

Fir jeevan mein dost purane nahi aate,

Jee lo in palo ko hass ke janab,

Fir laut ke dosti ke zamane nahi aate,


Duri ho to ehsaas hota hai,

Dost k bina jiwan kitna udaas hota hai,

Umar ho apki sitaro jitni lambi,

Aisa dost kahan har kisik paas hota hai,

Gamo ko bech ke khusi kharid lenge

Khwaabo ko bechkar zindagi kharid lenge

Hoga imtihaan toh duniya dekhenge

Hum apni boli lagakar aapki dosti le lenge


Khwaab tute hue, dil dukhaate rahe,

Der tak woh hume yaad aate rahe,

Kaat lee aansuon mein judaai ki raat,

Sher kehte rahe, gane gungunaate rahe…

Tere jalwe paraaye hue magar gum nahi,

Ye tassalli bhi apne liye kam nahi,

Humne tumse kiya tha jo wafa ka vaada,

Saans jab taq chali, hum nibhaate rahe…

Kisko mujrim kahein ab karein kya gilaa,

Rishta tuta, na unki na meri thi razaa,

Apni kismat mein kabhi woh thi hi nahi,

Khwaab palkon pe jiske sajaate rahe...



Deewana hu tera inkaar nahi,

Kaise keh du ke pyar nahi,

Kuch shararat to teri nazaron main bhi thi,

Main akela hi gunaahgar nahi.


Nazarein mila ke nazarein chura mat lena,

Dost bana kar dushman bana mat lena.

Mana ki tumse bahut dur rahte hain hum,

Isi baat ka bahana bana kar bhula na dena,


banaya hai dost hume to,

dosti ko nibhana hoga,

aa jana kal jaroor milne hume,

chand sa mukhada to dikhana hoga.


Forever Friends

Never abandon old friends. They are hard to replace. A friendship is like wine: it gets better as it grows older. Just like us... I get Better and You get older.


As I saw ants crawl up the wall, I noticed that no matter how busy they are, they still stop and communicate with each other. I hope we can be like them.


To live a life i need heartbeat, 2 have heartbeat i need a heart, 2 have heart i need happiness, to have happiness i need a friend, and 4 a friend i need U.ALWAYS


Moon said to me, if ur friend is not messaging u why dont you leave ur friend.I looked at moon and said does ur sky ever leave u when u dont shine.


Sweetness can be defined without honey.

Fragnance can be defined without Rose.

But, friendship can't be defined without YOU.


A daily thought

A silent tear

A Constant wish

That you are near…

Words are few

But thoughts are deep…

Memories of our friendship

I will always keep


Friend is one, who (F)inds you in a (R)ush of people, (I)nspires you to do something in life, catch your (E)motions and (N)ever leaves you till (D)eath.


Friendship is not a big fire which burns all day. Its a small lamp, that burns till the last day of life.

Your validity of being my friend is going to be expired today, please recharge your friendship immediately by delivering 4-5 sweet & cool messages. So hurry


Someone asked me 4 how long will you both be friends?

I remained silent because

I didn’t know which is longer..

“Always” or “Forever”



Popular Friendship SMS

CLassic words of frndshp

B wat u R n say wat u feel,

cuz those who mind dnt matter,

n those who matter dnt mind....


Wen Things go bad n

ur strnth is not more enough 2 carry on,

Dnt giv up cuz,

wher ur strngth ends,

my worth of being ur frnd begins...


Wats d true meanin of frndshp?

wher ther r no compromise in tellin secrets,

n der is no secret for which u need compromise...



My soul REACTED,

My heart ACCEPTED,

thousands wer REJECTED,

but u wer selected to b my

cho........chweet frnd.....


Silent and Listen are two words made of same Alphabets,but there is another speciality.....

i can Listen to you, when u r

Silent.....that is friendship....


wat is lyf? wat u make it to be..

wat is hapiness? wat ur heart sees..

wat is love? precious if true...

wat is frndshp? nothing without u.. sachme..


a Match stick Glows 4 few swcs.

a candle glows 4 few hours.,

a Sun glows 4 a day.,

but our relation will glow 4vevr,.

whthr v'll b ther or not....



2 golden phrases os frndship:->

" NVR belive d doubtd one" n

"NVR doubt d belivd one"

that retains frndshp for a longr tym..


wat is frndshp? u fight abt d

smallest things in lyf wen u r

2gethr n miss those very smallest things

wen u r torn apart by tym....


Lips Dnt join Wen we say LOVE,

That is a sign of distance,

But wen we say FRNDSHP lips join,

Tha is a sign of TOGETHRNESS...


My Frndshp is Lyk a Drug, 1ce u take it u cant avoid it,

wen u dnt get it u r sick,

n wen u loose it u r destryd,

So beware of me n b my frnd 4evr....


Best frnds r lyk a pair of scissors,

joint togthr, often go in opp dirctions,

But they giv punishment to those who

come between them......


SMS your friends

SMS is one of the eaists and the fastest way to send your message to your friend. A cute sms can really make your friends happy and they feel special because they know how much you care for them. Here are some of the SMS that you can send your near and dear friends!

Treat life as sea,
your heart as sea-shore,
And friend as waves.
It never matters how many waves are there,
What matter is which one touches the shore.

Don’t love a friend like a flower,
Because a flower dies in season.
Love them like a river,
Because a river flows forever.

Wonderful people are carefully created by god,
Wonderful moments are carefully planned by god,
Wonderful friends like u are carefully gifted by god.

Star are seen together,
Yet they are so far apart,
True friends may not speak everyday but
Remember they are always linked heart 2 heart.

Good friends care for each other.
Close friends understand each Other.
And true friends stays forever beyond words, beyond time.

Friends are like shoes,
Some loose some tight,
Some fit just right,
And they help us as we walk through life.
Thanks for being just right for me!

The one who holds your hand every time surely a good friend,
But a best friend is the one who holds your hand more tightly,
When you say leave me alone!!

A special friend is rare indeed,
It beems to be special breed,
Yes, perfect friends are every few,
So lucky I’m for having you.

I say and you listen,
Its a good friendship.

You say and I listen,
Is a better friendship.

But I don’t say and you understand,
Is best friendship.

There is a miracle called friendship,
That dwells within the heart,
And you don’t know how it happens,
Or when it even starts.

You’re a true friend,
That I want you to know,
Our love for each other
Has helped us to grow.
We’ve been through some tough times,
But we’ve made it through,
The only one I ever trusted was you.


More friendship SMS

You surely do not need a day like friendship day to tell your friends how much you care for them. Sending a SMS can make them feel special and you can make your friend’s day! Here are some of the SMS that you can send your dear friends!


There is a gift that gold cannot buy,
A blessing that’s rare true,
That’s the gift of a wonderful friend,
Like the friend that I have in u!


What u see as truth what u see as lies,
Remember that true friendship never dies,
Although we may change drift apart,
Will always value u deep within my heart!


Friends are amazing when they are new,
They are wonderful when they are true,
But do you know they are a blessing
When they r like u.


It is one of the severest tests of friendship to tell your friend his faults.
So to love a man that you cannot bear to see a stain upon him,
And to speak painful truth through loving words, that is friendship.


A friend is always welcome
Early in the morning or late at night.
Time is of no importance
When it concerns real friendship!


No gold or precious stones
Give us happiness and peace,
Friendship and its warmth
Will bring it to us.


I may not be a clock that may text you 24hrs a day.
But my heart will be like a clock that will not stop caring
Saying u r always remembered. Take care.


I must have been born under a lucky star,
To find a friend as nice as you are.
I will follow the rainbow to the end,
If you promise to remain my friend!


We’ve known each other by chance, became friends by choice, still friends by decision. And when we say friend forever, that’s definitely a lifetime promise!

Every nice friend is a glimpse of god,
As he is one of his blessings &
Is a priceless gift that can never be bought,
sold or forgotten, just like you.

You can buy gifts but not love.
You can pretend smile but not happiness.
You can lie to others but not to yourself.
You can have another friend but not as cute as I am!


The Emotion of Friendship

It’s not an achievement to make 1000's friends in a year, but an achievement is when you make a friend for 1000's years.


True friends are like mornings,

You can’t have them the whole day,

But you can be sure,

they will be there when you wake up tomorrow, next year and forever.


True friends are those..

Who care without hesitation,

Remember without limitation

Forgive without any explanation &

Love even with little communication!


6 rules to be happy:-

Free your heart from hatred;

Free your mind from worries;

Live simply;

Expect less;

Give more &

Always have me as your friend


A true friend understands when you say, "I forgot..." waits forever when you say, "1 minute..." stays when you say, "leave me alone..." and opens the door, 'even before you knock...'


F: Field of love

R: Root of joy

I: Island of God

E: End of sorrow

N: Name of hope

D: Door of understanding!

And that’s You my Friend..


As long as we have memories, yesterday remains; as long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits. As long as we have Friendship, each day is never a waste.

I will always value u deep within my heart!


What you see as truth what you see as lies remember that true friendship never dies although we may change & drift apart, I will always value you deep within my heart!


Affection is sign of love, laughing is sign of happiness, praying is sign of good faith and choosing me as a friend is your first act of smartness.


I can't afford a precious Friend like you!! Why?

God is so wise that he never created Friends with price tags, because..... If He did, I can't afford a precious Friend like You!!



Friends forever

The word friends itself brings so many memories to your mind – sharing jeans and T-shirts, doing homework for each other, exchanging video games, giving coins to each other for eating in the canteen, holding hands when crossing the road, wiping tears when teacher has scolded you, telling lies, eating chocolates, confiding in your friend to tell him/her your latest crush, talking about your fears, swimming together and feeling possessive about him/her, going for movies – A friend just means the entire world to you! Without friends, life is just so pointless! This is one of the best relationships a man or a woman can ever have!


Friendship is a promise in the heart

Silent and unwritten

Unbreakable by distance

Unchangeable by time

It is just lovely to have one as you!


Friendship is like a HABIT,

If you take out the H, a bit still remains

If you take out the A, bit still remains

And if you take out the B, it still remains!


Friends are of two types:

One says: If you ever need anything I’ll be there

Other says: You will never need anything as long as I am there!


Life is not about finding the right person,

It is about building the right friendship,

It is not how much we care in the beginning,

It is how much we care in the end!


Life is full of roads we travel on

Some we try to forget

Some we wish we never passed

But there is one road I loves passing

And that is where we became friends



English Friendship Day Text Sms – Frienship Day Messages

Forgetting friend is a

Forgetting friend is a
Ignoring them is a
Liking them is a
Thinking of them is a
N disturbing them
'Oye! Haq banta hai na yr!'

If U need a friend

If U need a friend and there are a hundred steps between us, you can take the 1st step to get near me and i will take all 99 step to be there for you. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!

Khuda ki rahemat sare sansar par barse,

Khuda ki rahemat sare sansar par barse,
Mere hisse ki rahmat mere yaar par barse,
Ae khuda mujhe kar dena pani,
Agar mera yaar kabhi pyaas se tarse.

If I m in hell & u in heaven,

If I m in hell & u in heaven, I always look up & be proud of u. but if I were In heaven & u in hell, I beg God 2 send me down coz heaven wont be heaven without u.HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!

Never say ur happy when ur sad…

Never say ur happy when ur sad… never say ur fine when ur not ok… never say u feel good when u feel bad… and never say ur alone when I m still alive.

You’re a true friend,

You’re a true friend,
That i want you to know,
Our love for each other
Has helped us to grow.
We’ve been through some tough times,
But we’ve made it through,
The only one i ever trusted was you.

GOD is so wise that he never

GOD is so wise that he never created FRIENDS with pricetags, Because..... if He did, I can't afford a precious FRIEND like YOU!!!

I miss my Friends,

I miss my Friends,
When I see some other Gang sitting around, caring, slapping each other.
Their mischievous smiles switching to loud laughter's,
Though stranger to me,
they represent a part of my life i lost somewhere,
I miss my friends.
I like you all, I love u all, Stay happy where ever you are.

Met you, became friends,

Met you, became friends,
shared secrets, freaked out,
had fun, fought with you,
Laughed with you, Smiled with you,
Cried with u, Hurt you, Teased you,
And here i am, still thinking of u..
Long journey, huh!!?
And we shall never let it end, right?
Just wanted u to know
that my lovely friend, u r valued!!!

A little clown is living in my heart.

A little clown is living in my heart. Small and very special. It can dance and jump, laugh and sing. Are you in pain and you need to cry, come and borrow it!